Storing data in a digital space offers both convenience and a range of other benefits, but it also means your data is at risk of being breached from virtually anywhere in the world. We rely so heavily on a digital presence to live and work, yet many of us unknowingly leave ourselves wide open to these common threats to our data security.

Weak authentication or identity management

Failure to have proper authentication and identity management leaves users wide open to data breaches. A preventative measure to combat this potential weak spot is to have a multi-factor authentication method set up for sensitive logins. A second authentication gives your device (and all the data it contains) a second layer of security.


Short for “malicious software”, the name says it all. Malware can enter your device when you browse hacked websites, links, download infected files or open a malicious email. Once the malware has successfully penetrated your device, from there unauthorised users are easily able to steal sensitive information, amongst other things. Preventative measures against malware can include keeping your computer and software updated and not clicking on links, windows, emails or downloads you are unfamiliar with.


Criminals have gone cyber and it’s no wonder given that hacking is now a multi-billion dollar industry. Hacking is gaining unauthorized access to a device or network. Once the hacker has gained access they are able to obtain the stored data. Accessing sensitive data (like personal or financial data) on public Wi-Fi is an easy way hackers can get to work on your device. It is also advisable to turn off anything you don’t need and to always use a password or encryption of some variety.

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