How AI technological innovation is changing the workforce

AI technology is fast improving industry processes around the world by introducing new forms of technological innovations for sectors such as healthcare, travel and the military. Through artificial technology, machines can sense their environments, think, learn and respond. The technology has the potential to dramatically improve the efficiencies of workplaces by augmenting human work.

As such, artificial intelligence is expected to the most disruptive advancements in emerging technology and could, foreseeably, pave a new way for industries. Particularly useful for repetitive and dangerous tasks, the technological innovation that AI introduces means that the human workforce is freed up to do the work we are better equipped for. As such, more and more companies around the world are using, investing in or planning to invest in artificial intelligence.

What is AI?

AI technology uses software algorithms to enable computers and devices to perceive, analyse and adapt to their environment making them capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. Through the technological innovation present in artificial intelligence, machines are becoming increasingly autonomous, as they are capable of thinking, learning and responding on their own.

What does this mean for the workforce?

Essentially, AI technology allows machines to contribute more intelligently to workplaces and business activities. By recognising and interpreting sound, images and digitised text they can answer questions, suggest solutions and diagnose problems or take actions. Consequently, artificial intelligence is reducing the amount of repetitive and hard labour work humans are faced with every day.

The integration of robot technology

Certain industries are benefitting from the integration of artificial intelligence into robot technology such as these Germicidal Disinfection Robots that are advancing both travel and healthcare technology. For example, the Nightingale is unique in its technological innovation, combining both AI technology and robot technology to autonomously clean and disinfect hospitals, aged care facilities and other building spaces.

Technological innovation and advancements in this field of emerging technology are also changing the landscape for defence and military personnel. Units such as Ranger are designed to gather intelligence and learn algorithms to detect security breaches. This ensures operators and military personnel remain safe and aware, improve fatigue management and reduce the risk of injury.

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