The need for innovative technology is perpetual for every industry. In the realm of high-level security systems, a new and innovative technology has been manufactured in the form of an unmanned surveillance vehicle. Dubbed Ranger, it is equipped with the latest in operational payload technology and innovative robotics technology, designed to provide autonomous and unmanned nomadic surveillance to high-security areas.

Designed primarily for a dynamic battlefield, Ranger is devised to gather intelligence for reconnaissance, defile clearing and force multiplication. The autonomous system is designed to learn algorithms that ensure it is able to detect security fence line breaches in real time. In doing so, its operators and other personnel are able to improve their fatigue management as well as reduce risk of injury.

Rugged, reliable and independent

Ranger is able to withstand rugged conditions, it is simple to operate, rapid to deploy and capable of having a selection of advanced sensors that are tailored to individual operational requirements. The innovative technology provides surveillance and real time monitoring of the critical infrastructure it is being utilized for, 24 hours a day in any weather conditions.

It is designed with a suite of control methods including telemetry, which is the automatic measurement and transmission of data at a distance by radio, cellular or other means. It can also be controlled by tethered hand control and, of course, autonomous operation with control from a command and control facility.

Real time situational awareness

The Ranger user interface provides real time information on location of assets, mission profiles and other intelligence within the battle space – or whichever application and area it is operating in. An innovative technology Ranger also uses the latest in thermal imaging cameras to deliver maximum real time situational awareness in all weather conditions and is able to live stream hi-definition images to its control centre.

Co-operative and supportive

Through its propriety software, the Ranger can co-operate and swarm with other Ranger units on a target. As the vehicles can be fitted with a remote weapon station, it can be used as a force multiplier and deployed with multiple units in a hunter killer role.

The Ranger surveillance units are also able to co-operate, and provide and share additional information with each other. For example, when a units battery requires recharging, the Ranger will contact another unit to come and replace it on patrol so it can return to its charging point autonomously.

Specific Ranger system features include:

  • Battery operated
  • Autonomous and remote control
  • Soldier operated via chest rig
  • Obstacle detection and avoidance
  • Waypoint navigation
  • Instant Data Erase (or B.I.P.)
  • Multiple payload options
  • Health and usage monitoring
  • “L” band encrypted suite B and AES 256 Radio equipment
  • Swarming capability – multiple Ranger’s can swarm on a target

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