The SAPPER unit is an autonomous robotic military system designed to devastate various types of military vehicles. The innovative robotic functions as autonomous mine delivery system, and has the unit has the ability to identify and select commanding targets based on pre-configured parameters.

The unit has the potential to autonomously inflict, at minimum, mobility kills with the benefit of not giving away the operator’s position. The SAPPER machine can also be pre-programmed to swarm with other SAPPER units to attack a larger target or group of targets.

Economic benefits

The SAPPER unit is intended to be a cost-effective method of achieving high value target neutralisation. The easy-to-use SAPPER unit is designed with technology that makes the autonomous mine delivery system require minimal training for operation to be effective.

Military conflict and combat are as much about economics as it is about strategic procedures. Considering how expensive the endeavour of conflict is typically – with a single Javelin command on average unit costs approximate $126,000 and each missile costing around $111,000. The autonomous robotic military system that is SAPPER is designed to be an economically sound investment combined with innovative and advantageous strategic gain.

Reduce post-conflict impact

The SAPPER autonomous robotic military system utilizes advanced, innovative technology coupled with automation and intuitive interface to put a highly capable and useful system at the fingertips of soldiers. The unit actively increases the effectiveness of our military while at the same time reducing risks to the communities in which they are conflicting within.

The proliferation of mines in areas of conflict are known to endure long after conflict has ceased. They, however, continue to claim lives of locals and visitors on a daily basis. The SAPPER autonomous mine delivery system only has kinetic capability during conflict and will not operate in times of peace. The financial cost to demining operations are disproportionate to costs of deployment of mines, as for the human cost – devasting.

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