What is platform agnostic software?

In the world of information technology, the concept of platform agnostic software refers to a particular design attribute and philosophy that is built into the system. Fundamentally, this type of software is designed and constructed to run on any combination of operating systems and underlying processor architecture.

Basically, a platform agnostic product will perform equal across more than one platform. These applications can also be referred to as cross-platform software.

What is platform agnostic software?

In general, platform agnostic software is designed and constructed to enable it to function on various different platforms and environments. Typically, the software features recognisable and common compliance standards or, additionally, added coding in order for it to be cross-platform.

A common example can be seen in the gaming industry. Modern game engines allow developers to build games that can be deployed to a large number of platforms with the same codebase. This allows gamers to choose how they want to play in accordance with their personal preference.

The cross-platform software feature means that users are able to save time and money due to the fact that the software does not require any additional editing before it can be used on another platform.

What are the benefits of platform agnostic software?

The benefits of platform agnostic software are pretty straightforward as it makes life easier for both customers and developers. Designing cross-platform software purposefully implements a high level of user inclusivity. It allows a large pool of users to engage with the software without requiring additional hardware or re-learning.

Platform agnostic software essentially means that coders and designers have less work to do when trying to introduce and deploy their programs onto multiple platforms and users. This is because the user interface is the same across all devices, ensuring that the software can be broadly accessible.

Our examples of platform agnostic software in robotics

Baird Technology develops and provides innovative technology to industries all over the world. Our robotics and advanced technologies are developed with platform agnostic software and are designed to be cross-platform for the users benefit.

Examples include:

Ranger: The unmanned surveillance vehicle

The Ranger is designed primarily as a surveillance robot to gather intelligence and provide security on the battlefield. It is designed to learn algorithms that ensure it is able to detect security breaches. Users are able to utilise the platform agnostic software through various different platforms, such as a phone-based app, telemetry or from a command facility.

Nightingale: The ultraviolet germicidal disinfection robot

Nightingale is a unique germicidal disinfection unit that is designed to provide a thorough clean and safer environment for hospitals, aged care facilities and workplaces. The robotic is developed with platform agnostic software that can be remotely operated through tablets.

For more information on ways our platform agnostic software can benefit you and your industry, contact us through our website at www.bairdtechnology.com/contact-us.