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How AI technological innovation is changing the workforce

How AI technological innovation is changing the workforce AI technology is fast improving industry processes around the world by introducing new forms of technological innovations ...
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What is platform agnostic software in robotics?

What is platform agnostic software? In the world of information technology, the concept of platform agnostic software refers to a particular design attribute and philosophy that ...
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The autonomous robotic military system

The SAPPER unit is an autonomous robotic military system designed to devastate various types of military vehicles. The innovative robotic functions as autonomous mine delivery ...
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Introducing Nightingale – the germicidal disinfection unit

Nightingale is a unique and pioneering germicidal disinfection unit designed to provide a thorough clean and safer environment for hospitals, aged care facilities, hotels, workplaces ...
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Security through innovative technology: Introducing Ranger the unmanned surveillance vehicle

The need for innovative technology is perpetual for every industry. In the realm of high-level security systems, a new and innovative technology has been manufactured ...
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The Emerging Technology of Robotics in the Sanitation of Aircrafts

In a continuously evolving world, innovative and emerging technology is constantly advancing and being utilised to improve our everyday life. The population is in endless ...
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